ConsentStorm© Manual: Breakout Sessions (EN)

As a team lead / facilitator / initiator, I would like to prepare breakout sessions for my team(s).

How do I create a breakout session?

Each new session (and therefore a breakout) starts with a single click. Copy and distribute the link from your browser after the board opens.
Board and auditorium: 1. mouse click right 2. click „Url to clipboard“

How do I create a breakout session?

Paste the above link on a Post-It. The Post-It turns blue. Done.

How to open the session?

Double-click on the blue post-it. The breakout session will open in a new tab.
Board: 1. click -> label -> insert url -> optionally embellish (url will be hidden)

Can I offer other web content with blue Post-Its?


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