ConsentStorm© Manual: Breakout Sessions (EN)

As a team lead / facilitator / initiator, I would like to create spontaneous working groups. You can create an unlimited number of breakout sessions for this. A breakout session remains available for 24 hours.

Breakout Sessions provide a „round trip“ back to your primary session to present their findings.

You can also offer any other web content to your ConsentStorm© session participants.

How do I create a breakout session?

With ConsentStorm© you have many possibilities in your role as moderator to support your session with practical tools. These are offered to you by a right mouse click in the board. One of them is the option „Session breakout management“.
Board: 1. mouse click right 2. click „Session breakout management“

How does a breakout session show up on the board?

Participants will see blue PostIts on the board. They will be labeled <topic>-1 to -n, where your input is in the „Title / Topic“ field.
Board: A participant enters the session with a double click.

How do the participants open the breakout session?

Choosing the right breakout is a participant’s decision. It is outside the scope and part of your moderation. To do so, they double-click on the blue post-it. The breakout session will automatically open in a new tab of their internet browser.

How do the participants return?

Participants of a breakout have the possibility to share their content with the others. To do this, they right-click to send their PostIts to the host session. In the host session, the labels of the PostIts are prefixed with the topic. This is very handy if you offer a lot of breakouts.
Breakout board: A participant dicides to share their finding in the host session.

Can I offer other web content with blue Post-Its?

Image: You can paste any url into a PostIt. It will automatically turn blue, indicating that it is a link.

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