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  • As a team, I want to watch a video together in a virtual movie theater.
  • As a participant, I want to see who ist joining the board, so that I know my co-participants.
  • As a new participant, I want ConsentStorm© to introduce me when I join an existing session, so that I do not feel sneaky.
  • As an international user I expect a splash screen in English so that I do not need a German dictionary.
  • As a user, I want to export the content of the board to Excel for reporting and/or further processing.
  • As a user, I want add a breakout url to a ConsentCard so that my co-participants can drag themselves in it and will be able to join other sessions or open any web page in a new tab.
  • English videos for the OKR training in the movie theater.
  • German videos for the EBM-training in the movie theater.

If you want to contact the product owner (Jelle) then please do so via the user group on LinkedIn.