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Jelle’s planning for the start 2021

As a team, I want to watch a video together in a virtual movie theater.

Source: Backlog

It is probably the same for many: it takes weeks to get back in my development flow when it pauses too long.

I was looking for a sponsor for the „breakout“ feature. The idea came from a user of ConsentStorm© and I had the privilege of discussing it with a sponsor. The candidate sponsor agreed that it was a very good pitch, but failed to get his CEO’s attention. It is still in the backlog but I feel the urgency to get back into development.

For my own activities as an Agile Coach, I need a cinema where I can send teams to watch my training videos. I tell the same thing over and over again and try to optimise my time with training videos. And … in times of a Corona lockdown wouldn’t it be fair to share the option of a „team cinema“ with the community. As a result are reading this in my blog for ConsentStorm© in the free version.

Maybe the sponsoring of the „breakout“ will come through later. In this case these two user stories will harmonize well. Isn’t that a motivating start for 2021?