ConsentStorm© Free online Post-It board

ConsentStorm© offers agile teams a simple post-it board.

The use is free of charge. The Post-Its on the board, are shared through the browsers of the participants. No session data is stored on the server. When the participants close the browser, the session data is gone.

Jelle says no! to tracking your session data

„The ConsentStorm© server does not store session data.“

Jelle van Wieringen, Agile Coach und Entwickler

ConsentStorm© has extremely simple design. Only the participants‘ browsers are logically connected. When a participant joins a session, he can freely choose his name. If two use the same name, they act together as one participant.

Jelle sagt Yes! Easy to use

„The browsers of the participants are connected…“

Jelle van Wieringen, Agile Coach und Entwickler

As an agile coach, I developed ConsentStorm© for professional use because I was dissatisfied with the products on the market.

As an Agile Coach, I provide this free version as an online post-it board for the community. The free version is as secure as the facilitated version, easy to use and free from tracking, obligations or other drawbacks that other solutions have. ConsentStorm© is my contribution in the Corona times. Therefore you can use ConsentStorm© for your business without hesitation.

¡Click on the button, share the link and simultaneously create Post-Its with your team using ConsentStorm©!

Jelle van Wieringen, Dec. 2020